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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Until It Happens to You....

The day begins like any other.... morning coffee (or diet coke!) and off to work. You trust your family is safe, Kiddos in school. Husband at his job and you at yours. You are a happy and loving family...not rich...not poor....life is good.

In a blink of an eye a medical test comes back that throws you into the worst roller coaster ride of your life. First the overwhelming fear...what does this all mean....will he die of cancer? Next where do we go to be treated? And finally... and perhaps the most shocking...your supposedly wonderful PPO Insurance will not cover the treatments or drugs you need. And there you are like a deer in headlights...the treatment.. the "special sauce" is there to give you a chance at life and all that is standing in your way is money.

Think about this...think if it was YOUR husband,wife,child or parent. Could you raise over a million dollars in cash in a week? What do you do? From what I understand most people just die. They do not have the time to fight the delays and the denials the insurance companies and so they die.They may not have an advocate and are certainly to weak to fight the battles themselves.

Where is the fine print on the insurance that tells you  that if you have a major illness and they do not deem the care you need to be approved by them then you just are out of luck'! Who created the loophole that divides "standard of care" from "excellence in care..including clinical trials and investigative drugs"?

I am going to be asking these hard questions and am being joined by some pretty impressive folks  that are both Democrats and Republicans...because this is a human rights issue  and not a political hot potato.

I am asking you to think about this before you find yourself in this position one day.

Here is a fact....ONE in every THREE people will be hit with a major catastrophic medical event in their life. In my family I was hit twice with my daughter and a brain tumor and husband with leukemia.  Could you afford 20% of three million dollars? Could you come up with over a million dollars if your insurance denied coverage?

When my dad got cancer decades ago  he died in one month. t
Today they would have been able to keep him alive...but we would not have been able to afford it! So really what good are the advances in medicine if Doctors are restricted from giving patients the care they need?

This is what we are facing. Most people stick their heads in the sand... happy it's not happening to them.I certainly was not an advocate before having my head slammed into this wall). But the fact is...it can and will happen to one of every three people reading this!

What am I asking for? Money? Nope ...I am asking you to join me with nothing more than your voice and your vote to tell Washington that health care needs not to be destroyed but fixed. That's all I need. I will share more in the future about the group we are forming and also where you can sign the petition.

Listen to this interview to learn more! 

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